3 Amazing Jamaican Eco-Adventures


Reach Falls is an adventurous eco attraction concealed in the Montane Forest of the John Crow Mountain Range, on the east end of Jamaica. Enjoy a magical afternoon here frolicking in the emerald blue river pools, trekking up the river, and jumping off the various waterfalls. Hire an Area Man, i.e. local, that can help you navigate up the river and thru all of the falls.


This natural wonder, near Port Antonio on the east side of the island, is filled with enchanted beauty. The attraction of the Blue Lagoon lies in the underwater spring pouring frigid-fresh water into the warm saltwater bay. When you swim here, you feel the warm ocean water at the surface mixed with pockets of chilly fresh spring water from below, offering in an amazingly invigorating feeling of youth and vitality. Free divers that frequent the area have measured the lagoon to almost 120 feet. The location was made famous by the 1980 movie, The Blue Lagoon. From Frenchman’s Cove, hire an Area Man to take you into the Blue Lagoon aboard a bamboo raft.


Northeast of Negril, inland from the coast in the heart of the Dolphin Head Maintains, lies another great eco trek… Mayfield Falls. The falls are composed of 22 mini-cascades along a beautiful, lush river. The entrance fee includes an experienced guide knowledgeable in river trekking, local fauna, and geography. The trek up the river offers many great places to swim and play in the various falls, which are quite exquisite. After swimming here you feel utterly rejuvenated.


  1. Pack comfortably sturdy water shoes. Covered toe is best.
    I like my Vibrum’s!
  2. Don’t forget to bring water, sunscreen, and bug spray.
  3. I paid Marcel, the Area Man at Reach Falls, $20 to show my husband & I around for the afternoon. He even held our dry bag, camera, and snapped a few pictures for us!
  4. Mayfield Falls has a great artist onsite, Mr. Carver. He is very skilled at his craft. His were some of the best woodcarvings I saw on the whole island.
  5. The travel book “Caribbean” by DK Eyewitness Travel was a great resource to have on-hand during my Jamaican vacation.
  6. VisitJamaica is also a good resource when researching your next Jamaican Adventure.

Date Travelled: December 2014

© Nicole Geils

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