The Gypsy Redhead Goes Keto…

I made the switch to Keto on May 23, 2018… and I have been blown-away by the multitude of positive changes ever since. I am approaching the 6 month mark, so I’m using this blog as a place to reflect on my Keto journey. <Scroll down for before and after photos>

Positive Changes Include:

  • Weight loss. It’s crazy to wrap my head around the concept that I am eating more (healthy) fat than ever before, and I am melting away. I am down 52 pounds in 5.5 months!
  • No more joint pain. Cutting the carbs reduces inflammation and the joint aches I have experienced ever since playing college volleyball are gone. My low back pain is reduced by 90% and my free motion is way beyond what I ever thought possible.
  • No more hangries! Until Keto I thought the hangries (hunger anger) was just a part of everyday life. Fat is so satiating, that I go many hours between meals with no hunger, no cravings and no crazy crashes.
  • Intermittent fasting is WAY easier when you are fat adapted. As stated above, fat is so satiating that going 18-24 hours between meals is no big deal.
  • Clear mind. My mind works faster now that it has the proper fuel. My reflexes are top-notch as well.
  • Clear skin. Acne is all but a thing of the past. My skin is mostly clear and radiant, with only a random zit here and there.
  • Hair and nail health. Many people report hair loss when on Keto, but I have had the opposite outcome. My hair grows super-fast, is noticeably fuller, and my nails are strong. Eat your protein!
  • Athletic Endurance. Now that I am a fat burner I do not notice a drop in endurance while biking or working out. I can bike further and not “run out of gas” like I did when I was a sugar-burner. I can’t wait to test my new endurance during ski season!
  • PMS… What’s PMS?!?! Keto has definitely helped my PMS and mensural cycle symptoms. I had one irregularly long period during the first 2 months on Keto, but I have leveled out since and my cramps are not nearly as bad as they used to be.

Negative Changes Include:

  • Constantly re-assuring friends and family that Keto is healthy. It’s a constant battle in this carb-heavy society. People gush in one sentence how amazing I look… then condemn the lifestyle in the next breath. Until you feel the effects of Keto, you just don’t understand.
  • The expense that comes with needing a new wardrobe. Pretty much my entire closet is now baggy. Shopping has turned into a dangerous activity. I went from never finding anything that fits… to everything fitting!
  • Keto flu. Going off sugar and carbs was like quitting a hard narcotic. I felt awful for the first 2 weeks. I was irritable and pretty much miserable. But I stuck with it and all the side-effects went away after 12-15 days.

Now for the hard part… the before pictures.

When I was going thru images it was hard to find a photo where I did not have my double chin covered by a scarf, cowl-neck sweatshirt or jacket collar. I would constantly hide behind people in photos, and would instantly delete any photo that was not shot at the “right” angle. I was a tyrant with friends and family… insisting that they refrain from posting images of me on social media.


Pictures of me during my first 5 months on Keto:

Notice that I no longer cover my chin… and I am now excited to have my photo taken. I even let my friends and family post-away on social media!


The Gypsy Redhead’s KETO TIPS for Newbies:

  • Don’t be afraid of protein! It does not kick you out of ketosis like so many people think. Protein keeps you strong, provides vital nutrients and keeps you healthy!
  • Drink TONS of water. Since your body no longer holds onto water, you need to drink at least a gallon a day.
  • Beware of hidden ingredients. Read then re-read labels and ingredients to ensure you are staying true to your new lifestyle. When in doubt, just opt out.
  • Don’t cheat during your first 4 months on Keto. Your body is adapting, don’t sabotage all that hard work!
  • Include Intermittent Fasting. I.F. is a great way to get past weight loss plateaus.
  • Research – Research – Research! I read every Keto book I could find, listened to tons of Keto podcasts and watched every documentary. My Fav’s: Read: “The Real Meal Revolution” by Professor Tim Nokes, Jonno Prudfoot and Sally-Ann Creed. “Fat for Fuel” by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Watch: “The Magic Pill” available on Netflix and “That Sugar Film” on YouTube. Listen: “The Keto Answers Podcast”, “2 Keto Dudes” and “Fat For Weight Loss”.
  • Electrolytes Matter. Make sure to eat plenty of food with electrolytes to keep your energy up! When excess water is dumped from the kidneys, electrolytes go with it. Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium Sources: salt, bone broth, salmon, nuts, avocados, leafy green veggies, mushrooms, dairy foods, leafy greens, broccoli, fish, unsweetened almond, unsweetened coconut milk, leafy greens and nuts.
  • Failure to plan is planning to fail. Get rid of all non-Keto foods… especially when getting started.
I cleaned-out the house of all non-Keto foods. I used to think this crap was part of a healthy diet!

I will leave you with some images of all the tasty foods I have cooked and enjoyed while living this amazing Keto lifestyle.


Please feel free to comment with questions or to share your Keto journey! (I am not a doctor nor claim to be an expert… this is just a representation of my Keto journey.) Now, I’m going to go eat an avocado.

The Gypsy Redhead

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