Ski – Bike – IF

In November of 2015 I moved back to my home-state Alaska… specifically the small ski resort town of Girdwood. I set a goal to ski 100 days that season, which kick-started my fitness aspirations. You can read about that journey here: SheSkis100

Once ski season ended (sad face) I decided to commute around Gird-World via pedal power.

Ski Bike Ski © Powder Hound

Biking’s addictive. I challenge you to sit on a bike and NOT have fun… it’s impossible! Once I pedaled through the first few sore days, the strength gains were swift and evident. I thought my legs were in pretty good shape after ski season, but biking has taken me to a whole new level. I challenge myself daily to bike faster, in higher gears, up hills. The stronger & faster I get, the more I want to bike.

Biking gradually led to intermittent fasting.

My bike to work is roughly 5 miles, mostly uphill. Thus, I would not eat breakfast in the morning because who wants to bike uphill on a full stomach?!?! Since my summer gig consists of sitting at a desk for 8 hours, I would not get hungry all day. Ultimately, I fell into an I.F. style eating schedule.

6:00 AM wake – coffee time with my hubby.
occasionally 7:30 AM core workout – mostly planks, burpees, and pushups.
9:30 AM high-intensity interval biking… bike to work.
11AM – 7PM work. drink water. coffee. tea. tons of water. did I mention water?
7:15 PM bike home… which is a fun & easy 92% downhill.
8:30 PM meal of choice.

Basically, your body is in a fasting state for 18-20 hours a day. The other 4-6 hours are your feeding window. Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a pattern of eating. Here is a great article about I.F.

Since it takes 12 hours after your last meal for your body to enter into a fasting state – which is the ultimate fat burning zone – it’s mostly unattainable within “normal” eating patterns. I.F. simply creates a few prime hours for burning fat each day. AWESOME! Without changing what you eat. Double AWESOME!

Many people assume you are starving by meal time and eat everything in sight. I have had the opposite experience. When my body has fasted for 20+ hours it craves food as fuel, not food as comfort.

I try to keep it healthy for my one meal a day, but I also let myself indulge periodically. Mostly, I stick to organic veggies, Alaskan fish, organic chicken, grass fed beef, organic potatoes, organic fresh & dried fruits, nuts, beans, rice, cheese, and beer. That being said, a slice of pizza or an ice cream cone hit the spot once and a while! Just remember – Everything in moderation… including moderation.

The results have been astonishing and my body is transforming. I am leaner and stronger and my grocery bill has plummeted.

I have quite a bit of experience fasting. I usually fast at least once a year. My longest was a 28-day juice fast. I.F. is a way to get fasting results… without the hardships that come with an extended fast. One major thing fasting has taught me is that hunger comes in waves. It feels almost overwhelming for just a few seconds… then ebbs out. Being properly hydrated will quell hunger. Most of the time when you think you are hungry, your body is actually dehydrated and a few sips of water will manage hunger pangs. So keep up the water intake!

Biking/skiing plus intermittent fasting is my formula for success. I am so pumped on this path I have a FatBoy for my winter commute! Check out the tires… It feels like a 4-wheel drive bike! I named her Smokin’ Yeti.

Winter will not get here fast enough! I will start the ski season stronger than I have in years, and I have a fun new toy to play-on in the snow!

Skiing, biking, and intermittent fasting have produced amazing results. I have lost over 50 pounds in 10 months, and gained lean muscle. It is a lifestyle not a diet, which is why it is so successful.

Cheers friends!


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